How To Check A Lawn Mower Coil?

Do you want to keep your lawn mower running smoothly? Knowing how to check the coil of your lawn mower is an important part of keeping it in good working order. The coil on a lawn mower is an electrical component that helps create the spark for starting and maintaining the engine.

The lawn mower coil is an important component in the starting and running of a lawn mower engine. If it fails, the engine won’t start or will run erratically. Therefore, it’s essential to check the coil periodically for faults.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to check a lawn mower coil using two different tools: a multimeter and a screwdriver. We’ll also discuss typical signs of a faulty lawn mower coil so you can spot them quickly.

By understanding these simple steps and being able to identify the signs of a bad coil, you can save yourself time and money by quickly diagnosing potential problems with your lawn mower’s engine.

Signs Of A Faulty Lawn Mower Coil

A faulty lawn mower coil can cause a lot of problems for your mower. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to check your lawn mower coil:

-The engine won’t start or runs erratically -The spark plug does not produce a spark -There is an unusual smell when running -The engine runs poorly or stalls after starting -You can hear odd sounds coming from the engine while running.

If you have noticed any of these signs, it’s time to take a look at your lawn mower coil and make sure it is functioning properly.

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Tools Needed To Check The Lawn Mower Coil

Before you can check your lawn mower coil for any problems, there are a few tools that you will need. The most important tool is a multimeter, which will be used to measure the electrical resistance of the coil.

Additionally, you may need a screwdriver and insulated gloves for safety purposes. You should also have some basic knowledge of electronics to understand how the multimeter works. Finally, you may want to have a flashlight handy in case it’s dark or hard to see inside the engine compartment.

Steps To Check The Lawn Mower Coil Using A Multimeter

Checking your lawn mower coil for faults is an important part of maintaining your machine. To check the coil, you’ll need a multimeter, which can be bought from any hardware store. A multimeter measures electrical current and resistance and will enable you to accurately diagnose any problems with the coil.

The first step in using a multimeter is to ensure that it is set to the correct scale. You should set it to the ‘Ohms’ setting (Ω). This will measure resistance in the coil wire. Once you have done this, turn off the power supply to the lawn mower and disconnect all cables connecting it to the battery or power source.

Now take each lead of your multimeter and connect it to either side of the coil terminals. Make sure that they are firmly connected so that no air gaps exist between them and the terminal itself. Then record the measurement given by your multimeter on a piece of paper or other device for comparison later on.

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You should then move onto checking each individual lead of the coil one at a time by repeating this process for each terminal separately.

It’s important to not only compare the readings given by your multimeter but also look at how quickly or slowly they change when moved around different parts of each lead or terminal. Any discrepancies here could indicate a faulty connection or even damaged wiring within your lawn mower’s coil system.

Finally, if everything checks out ok, reattach all cables back into their respective terminals and turn on the power supply again. You can now be confident that your lawn mower’s coil is working correctly and you can go about using it without worry!

Steps To Check The Lawn Mower Coil Using A Screwdriver

Checking your lawn mower coil using a screwdriver is a great way to ensure it’s working properly. This guide will provide you with detailed steps on how to do so.

First, you’ll want to locate the spark plug wire from the ignition module, which should be attached to the side of the engine. If your mower has an electronic starter, then there will be no spark plug wire.

Once you have located this wire, disconnect the lead from the spark plug and attach one end of your screwdriver to it. The other end of your screwdriver should be attached to a steel surface such as a metal part of the mower or an unpainted nut or bolt head on another engine component. You can also use a grounded test light instead of a screwdriver if necessary.

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Next, pull back on the recoil starter handle and turn over the engine several times while keeping your finger away from the spark plug hole near where you attached your screwdriver.

If you see small sparks jumping between your screwdriver and steel object each time you turn over the engine, then this means that your coil is working properly. On some models, you may need to press down on the primer button once every few turns in order for sparks to appear.

Once finished checking for sparks, reattach all parts and reconnect any wires that were disconnected during testing before attempting to start your lawn mower again. By following these steps and double-checking that everything is securely in place before trying to start up your lawn mower again, you can ensure that it runs smoothly without any issues!


In conclusion, checking the lawn mower coil is an important step in ensuring your lawn mower runs correctly. By taking the time to identify signs of a faulty lawn mower coil and using the right tools, you can easily test and diagnose any issues with your lawn mower coil.

With the knowledge of how to check a lawn mower coil, you are now ready to tackle any problems that may arise in your garden and enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn!